• Electrical Measuring Instruments in India
  • Analog Panel Meters in India
  • Masibus products in Chhattisgarh
  • Digital Multimeter in India
  • Insulation Tester in India
  • Fairchild products in Chhattisgarh

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3M products in Chhattisgarh
  • Electrical Test and Measuring instruments products for High or Low voltage?
  • Material for insulation or earthing?
  • Pneumatic Instruments or Process Instrument for your System?

We also provide above solutions specific to the industries like Power, Cement, Steel and many more. Please refer our industries page for details. For further enquiry visit our Contact Us page

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What we provide

TMI Solutions is a one stop provider for a wide range of products for Electrical Test and Measuring Instruments, Power System Equipment. As a leading system integrator and distributor for all our products in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, we aim to deliver our services in most efficient and timely manner. With a team of hard working and qualified professionals, we first understand the requirements of our customers as we believe in achieving best customer satisfaction always.

Along with our principals like Fluke, 3M, SCOPE T&M, Masibus we provide our continuous support for the following products:

  • High Voltage Electrical Test and Measuring Instruments.
  • Instrument products like Multimeter, Clampmeter, Pyrometer, Vibration Meter, Tachometer for day to day maintenance.
  • Earth resistance measurement, Insulation measurement of Motors and Transformer
  • Panel Solutions
Fluke products in Chhattisgarh

Through Fairchild, SBEM and other pricipals we provide upport for following products

  • Pneumatics instrument, Actuator Spares, PVC tubing and accessories.
  • Flow, Pressure, Level and Temperature measurement.

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Electrical Measuring Instruments in India Electrical Test Instruments in India Fluke products in  Chhattisgarh Electrical Measuring Instruments in  Chhattisgarh SBEM products in  Chhattisgarh Electrical Test Instruments in  Chhattisgarh Digital Multimeter in  Chhattisgarh Masibus products in  Chhattisgarh